Capital Development

Tampa International Airport has a robust capital development program that for the period 2019-2023 includes close to $85 million in spending on routine maintenance, rehabilitation and upgrades. The Authority recently completed the first phase of its Master Plan, which included a consolidated rental car center connected to an expanded Main Terminal by an automated people mover, as well as major improvements to all of our concessions spaces. We are now in the midst of a $544 million Phase 2 expansion as part of our 2012 Master Plan Update. This phase includes expanding the Blue and Red Curbsides, constructing a new Central Utility Plant, adding a new east-west cross over taxiway and bridge, widening the road system around the airport and constructing a new office building. Despite COVID19 impacts on the aviation industry, these projects are moving forward and will position the Authority well when the recovery takes place.

Master Plan Expansion Projects

General Aviation Master Plan

Capital Improvement Program Project Status Final Reports:

Tampa International Airport Sustainability Master Plan

Strategic Business Plan

Noise Abatement

Height Zoning

Drew Park


If you have questions or need more information on the TPA Airport Layout Plan (ALP) please contact:
Tony Mantegna
Height Zoning and Land Use Manager
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