Height Zoning & Permitting

The Hillsborough County Aviation Authority has established height zoning regulations for all of Hillsborough County to ensure the safe operation of Tampa International Airport, Peter O. Knight Airport, Plant City Airport and Tampa Executive Airports, and to protect arriving and departing aircraft.

These regulations apply to buildings, signs and construction equipment, such as cranes, trees and other objects. 

Permits from the Aviation Authority are required for structures in any zone outlined on the current Height Zoning Map, and any construction or alteration on any public use airport in Hillsborough County. 

The Aviation Authority may also enforce state regulations regarding the location of educational facilities, landfills and residential development to protect airports.

Applicants should also use the FAA Notice Criteria Tool to determine if their proposed project and/or equipment requires filing a form with the FAA and to assist in determining if an Airport Height Zoning Permit will be required. 

Proposers whose projects may exceed height zoning limitations as contained in the Airport Zoning Regulations, may seek a variance from the Aviation Authority’s Board of Adjustment.

The Map below can be used to determine the height notification that would apply to your submittal. All locations outside of the height zones shown will require notification if your project is greater than 200' above ground level or required by the FAA.