Our Mission and Vision

To guide the Authority in its efforts to maintain a sound financial operation and meet the needs of the traveling public and the community it serves, the Authority adopted the following:

Mission Statement

The mission of the Hillsborough County Aviation Authority is to be a major driver in the economic growth of the Tampa Bay region.  The Hillsborough County Aviation Authority will be a leading edge innovator to create global access and world class customer service to build prosperity for its stakeholders.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Hillsborough County Aviation Authority is to be a thriving aviation gateway for the Tampa Bay region, providing global access and economic opportunity for its stakeholders.

Strategic Objectives

The following objectives have been established to guide the organization and its employees.  They represent the business foundation for achieving the Authority’s mission and vision.

Customer Service Excellence: The Authority will develop processes focused on creating the premier customer experience in the global airport environment.  This will be accomplished through extensive research to identify our customer wants and needs, as well as the optimal solutions to fulfill those wants and needs.

Employee and Community Engagement: The Authority will create an employee friendly environment which provides job security, opportunities for development and equitable compensation levels versus the marketplace.  In addition, the Authority will develop and maintain an effective community involvement and public relations program that emphasizes the Authority’s significant accomplishments and stresses the importance of the aviation system and the impact it has on the Tampa Bay area.

Safety and Security: The Authority will provide a safe and secure environment for employees, passengers, tenants and visitors, ensuring that the Tampa International Airport experience is a positive one.

Growth and Financial Strength: The Authority will operate in such a manner as to optimize revenue generation while simultaneously managing operating costs so as to create a strong bottom line and financial stability.  The Authority will continue its policy of conservative fiscal planning so as to also minimize its long-term debt.

Innovation and Process Improvement: The Authority will continue to strive to improve internal processes through continual evaluation of its day-to-day operation.  In addition, the Authority will continue to utilize innovation as a way forward, acquiring new solutions through both third party sources as well as internal development.