Airport Police Annual Reports

The Tampa International Airport Police Department is a dynamic organization, committed to providing the highest level of customer service and dedication to enhance the safety and security of the airport, as well as the employees, tenants, visitors, and 21 million passengers who use the airport every year.  For more information on our department's activities including highlights, accomplishments, specialty units and statistics, we invite you to view our annual report.

TIAPD Annual Reports

2022 TIAPD Annual Report

2021 TIAPD Annual Report

2020 TIAPD Annual Report

2019 TIAPD Annual Report

2018 TIAPD Annual Report 

2017 TIAPD Annual Report

2016 TIAPD Annual Report

2015 TIAPD Annual Report

2014 TIAPD Annual Report

2013 TIAPD Annual Report

2012 TIAPD Annual Report

TIAPD Crime Prevention Unit Annual Reports

2016 Crime Prevention Annual Report

2015 Crime Prevention Annual Report

2014 TIAPD Crime Prevention Annual Report

2013 TIAPD Crime Prevention Annual Report

2012 TIAPD Crime Prevention Annual Report

For questions and informtion about the TIAPD Crime Prevention Unit, please contact:
Professional Standards Unit/Crime Prevention Practitioner
PO Box 22287
Tampa, FL 33622
(813) 801-6070
TIPS LINE (877) 847-7842