Reclaiming an Impounded Vehicle

Vehicles may be impounded from airport parking facilities if left for more than 45 consecutive days. This information is prominently posted on signs located at the entrance of each parking facility and printed on the back of parking tickets.

 Vehicles parked on Airport property anywhere other than in a parking facility are considered abandoned and are impounded immediately. Vehicles parked in airport parking facilities in locations other than designated parking spaces may be subject to impound.

Vehicles that are left unattended on the arrival/departure curbsides are subject to immediate impound. Warning signs are posted at the entrance to the terminal and along all curbsides.

Impounded vehicles may be claimed by contacting Stepp’s Towing at (800) 330-8651. A company representative will assist callers, answer questions and let them know what documents and fees are required to claim their vehicle. Typically, vehicles impounded from Tampa Airport property are transported to 4214 W. Cayuga Street in Tampa.

Stepp’s Towing accepts: Cash, debit card, money order or cashier’s check. No credit cards or personal checks are accepted.