Airport Operations

Looking for information on the airport’s certification process or emergency procedures? Need a permit for a commercial vehicle or for a First Amendment activity? You’ll find it here. 

For more information, please contact Airport Operations at (813) 870-8770.

PDF icon Rules and Regulations at Tampa International Airport - Revised February 2019.pdf

Unmanned Aircraft Systems/drones

TPA Noise Abatement Program

Height Zoning

Permit Applications

First Amendment Activities
First Amendment Activity Procedure.pdf 16 K
PDF iconRequest for Permit for First Amendment Activities.pdf 107 K
PDF iconApplication for First Amendment Activity.pdf  
Request for Approval: Terminal Signs, Materials, Decorations, Equipment
Online Form for Email  
Online Form for Print or Fax.pdf 82 K
Commercial Vehicle Permitting
 General Indemnification Form.doc
Charter Bus Permit Application.pdf
Hotel-Motel Courtesy Vehicle Permit Application.doc
Luxury Limousine Permit Application.doc
Luxury and Non-Contracted Taxicab Permit Application.doc
Non-Contracted Shared Ride (Van) Permit Application.doc
Off-Airport Parking Courtesy Vehicle Permit Application.pdf
Off-Airport Rent-A-Car Courtesy Vehicle Permit Application.pdf
Scheduled Bus Service Permit Application.pdf
Tenant Work Permits
Tenant Work Permit Handbook.pdf
Tenant Work Permit Application FA-23.docx
Payment and Performance Bonds.pdfPayment and Performance Bonds.doc
Cutting and Welding Permit.pdfCutting and Welding Permit.doc
Supplemental Permit Application.pdf
Service Interruption Request Form PD-65A.pdf


PDF iconAirport Certification Manual.pdf 7.0 MB
PDF icon Tarmac Delay Contingency Plan.pdf 120 K
PDF icon TPA Ground Operations Manual (GOM) - Updated September 23, 2019.pdf 1.00 MB
Wildlife Hazard Management Plan (WHMP).pdf 16.2 MB

PDF iconSurface Movement Guidance and Control System (SMGCS) Plan.PDF

PDF iconMAT Training Booklet.pdf

1.76 MB

2.00 MB

Operating Directives

PDF icon P824 - Peer to Peer Vehicle Sharing.pdf

PDF iconS343_04-OpenFlameStandardProcedure.pdf

D342 00 01 Public Address and Paging System.pdf



17 K

D342 01 01 Display or Placement of Signage.pdf 46 K
D342 00 03 Aircraft Passenger Disability Boarding Device.pdf 16 K
PDF iconD342_00_04 Assign of Common Use Transitread.pdf 140 K

PDF iconD342.00.05 Utilization of Authority Controlled Gates.pdf

38 K

D342 00 07 Airline Hazardous Materials Collection.pdf 15 K
PDF iconD342_00_08 Airport Acceptance of Off-Site Checked Baggage.pdf 611 K
PDF icon D343_00_01-AirCargoApronOperations.pdf 16 K
PDF icon D343.00.02-WashingDeicingofAircraftatTPA.pdf 33 K
PDF icon D343_00_03-AirsideAircraftAprons.pdf 73 K
PDF icon D343_00_05-RestrictedAeronauticalActivities.pdf 21 K
PDF iconD343_00_06 Vehicles and Personnel Access to Airfield Movement and Safety Areas.pdf 74 K

PDF iconD343.00.07 Engine Run-Up Noise Management.pdf

PDF icon S343_02-ProceduresforCeremonialWaterSalutesatTPA.pdf

PDF icon S343_04-OpenFlameStandardProcedure.pdf

1.14 MB

21 K

20 K

PDF icon D350_00_01-SpecificFireSafetyFuelStandardsandInspection.pdf

PDF icon S350_05-AirfieldVisualRequirements.pdf

PDF icon S350_07-Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Discharge of AFFF.pdf

271 K

25k K

22 K

S1100 02 The Authority's Work Control Program.pdf 21 K
S1100 04 Authority's Key Control Program.pdf 24 K
S1100 09 Passenger Boarding Bridges.pdf 16 K
S1100 10 Baggage Conveyors.pdf 15 K
S1100 05 Air Cargo Facility Maintenance.pdf 23 K
S1100 07 On Airport Rental Car Facilities Maintenance.pdf 22 K
D360 02 07 Antenna Installations.pdf 22 K
S800_02 Per Use Fees for HCAA Controlled Gates.pdf 27 K
S901_09 Accommodation of Media on Assignment at TPA.pdf 26 K
S1201_03 Procedures for Filming or Photographing on Authority Property.pdf 25 K
D901 01 03 Conducting Surveys or Polls on Authority Property.pdf 27 K
P303 Employee Parking.pdf 20 K
S303.02 General Tenant Employee Parking .pdf 33 K
S305 02 Commercial Delivery and Drop Off.pdf 21 K

P310 Commercial Ground Transportation.pdf

PDF iconD343_00_08 UAS Operational Directive.pdf

27 K


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