Airport Operations

Looking for information on the airport’s certification process or emergency procedures? Need a permit for a commercial vehicle or for a First Amendment activity? You’ll find it here. 

For more information, please contact Airport Operations at (813) 870-8770.

PDF icon Rules and Regulations for TIA - Revised April 2022.pdf

Unmanned Aircraft Systems/drones

TPA Noise Abatement Program

Height Zoning

PDF icon Tampa International Airport Diagram.pdf

Permit Applications

First Amendment Activities
PDF icon P341 First Amendment Activity.pdf 16 K

PDF icon S341.01 First Amendment Activity - Leafleting Permits and Picketing Permits.pdf

107 K
Select the 1st Amendment Request tab in the More Information box to the right to start the process for applying for a First Amendment permit.  
Request for Approval: Terminal Signs, Materials, Decorations, Equipment
Online Form for Email  
Online Form for Print or Fax.pdf 82 K
Commercial Vehicle Permitting
 General Indemnification Form.doc
Charter Bus Permit Application.pdf
Hotel-Motel Courtesy Vehicle Permit Application.doc
Luxury Limousine Permit Application.doc
Luxury and Non-Contracted Taxicab Permit Application.doc
Non-Contracted Shared Ride (Van) Permit Application.doc
Off-Airport Parking Courtesy Vehicle Permit Application.pdf
Off-Airport Rent-A-Car Courtesy Vehicle Permit Application.pdf
Scheduled Bus Service Permit Application.pdf
Tenant Work Permits
Tenant Work Permit Handbook.pdf
Tenant Work Permit Application FA-23.docx
Payment and Performance Bonds.pdfPayment and Performance Bonds.doc
Microsoft Office document icon PD95 Welding and Cutting Permit 5-5-2020PDF icon PD95 Welding and Cutting Permit 5-5-2020
Service Interruption Request Form PD-65A.pdf


PDF iconAirport Certification Manual.pdf 7.0 MB
PDF icon Tarmac Delay Contingency Plan.pdf 120 K
PDF icon TPA Ground Operations Manual - August 1, 2022.pdf 4.00 MB
PDF icon Wildlife Hazard Management Plan 2022.pdf 3.79 MB

 PDF icon TPA Surface Movement Guidance and Control System Plan - August 2022.pdf

PDF icon TPA Movement Area Training Program for Ground Vehicles - April 2021.pdf

MAT Docusign Links

PDF icon GTOPS Manual - Updated October 2021.pdf


Operating Directives

PDF icon P824 - Peer to Peer Vehicle Sharing.pdf

PDF icon D342.00.01 Public Address and Paging System.pdf



17 K

PDF icon D342.01.01 Display or Placement of Tenant Related Signs, Materials, Decorations and Equipment in Public Areas at TPA.pdf 46 K
PDF icon D342.00.03 Aircraft Passenger Disability Boarding Device.pdf 16 K
PDF icon D342.00.04 Assignment and Utilization of Authority's Common Use Baggage Claim Devices.pdf 140 K

PDF icon D342.00.05 Utilization of Authority Controlled Gates.pdf

38 K

PDF icon D342.00.07 Airline Hazardous Materials Collection.pdf 15 K
PDF icon D342.00.08 Airport Acceptance of Off Site Checked Baggage.pdf 611 K
PDF icon D343_00_01-AirCargoApronOperations.pdf 16 K
PDF icon D343.00.02 Washing-Deicing of Aircraft at TPA.pdf 33 K
PDF icon D343.00.03 Airside Aircraft Aprons.pdf 73 K
PDF icon D343_00_05-RestrictedAeronauticalActivities.pdf 21 K
PDF icon D343.00.06 Vehicles and Personnel Access to Airfield Movement and Safety Areas.pdf 74 K

PDF icon D344.00.01 Engine Run-up Noise Management.pdf

PDF icon S343.02 Procedures for Ceremonial Water Salutes at TPA.pdf

PDF icon S343.04 Open Flame Standard Procedure.pdf

1.14 MB

21 K

20 K

PDF icon D350.00.01 Specific Fire Safety Fuel Standards and Inspection.pdf

PDF icon S350.05 Airfield Visual Aid Requirements.pdf

PDF icon S350_07-Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Discharge of AFFF.pdf

271 K

25k K

22 K

S1100 02 The Authority's Work Control Program.pdf 21 K
S1100 04 Authority's Key Control Program.pdf 24 K
S1100 09 Passenger Boarding Bridges.pdf 16 K
S1100 10 Baggage Conveyors.pdf 15 K
S1100 05 Air Cargo Facility Maintenance.pdf 23 K
S1100 07 On Airport Rental Car Facilities Maintenance.pdf 22 K
D360 02 07 Antenna Installations.pdf 22 K
S800_02 Per Use Fees for HCAA Controlled Gates.pdf 27 K
S901_09 Accommodation of Media on Assignment at TPA.pdf 26 K
S1201_03 Procedures for Filming or Photographing on Authority Property.pdf 25 K
D901 01 03 Conducting Surveys or Polls on Authority Property.pdf 27 K
P303 Employee Parking.pdf 20 K
S303.02 General Tenant Employee Parking .pdf 33 K
S305 02 Commercial Delivery and Drop Off.pdf 21 K

P310 Commercial Ground Transportation.pdf

PDF icon D343.00.08 UAS Operational Directive.pdf

27 K


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