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Laura Lemon
Employee Spotlight Laura Lemon - Manager of Administration

Laura Lemon wasn’t always sure of what career path she should follow, and she tried a few before landing at TPA, where she now works as a Manager of Administration. (03/19/2015)

Kenneth Strickland
Employee Spotlight Kenneth Strickland - Manager of Research and Evaluations

As Tampa International Airport’s first Manager of Research and Evaluations, Kenneth gets to combine both his love of aviation with his love of sociology and statistics. (03/05/2015)

Michael Kamprath
Employee Spotlight Michael Kamprath Assistant General Counsel

Reserved and soft-spoken, Tampa International Airport Assistant General Counsel of Legal Affairs Michael Kamprath insists he’s simply “not very interesting.” What he forgets to mention sometimes is that he has traveled all over the world, including two stints living abroad in Australia. (02/19/2015)

Leesa Coller
Employee Spotlight Leesa Coller Lead Designer Architecture courses through Leesa Coller’s veins.  One of the lead designers in charge of Tampa International Airport’s Main Terminal expansion project, Coller was born into a family of bankers and builders.  (02/05/2015)
Simon Sanchez
Employee Spotlight Simon Sanchez Airport Construction Inspector Simon Sanchez is at home in the center of TPA’s Main Terminal surrounded by many of the projects he has helped become reality over the past 15 years. As a construction inspector, he has overseen the airport’s extensive post-9/11 security enhancements, construction of the economy parking garage, the building of the FAA radar tower, numerous runway and taxiway projects and the airport’s two previous major terminal renovations. (01/22/2015)
La Vida Starks
Risk Management Coordinator LaVida Starks In 16 years at Tampa International Airport, La Vida Starks has seen it all. As the Risk Management Coordinator, she’s often the first point person to hear about a slip-and-fall accident or a fender bender or any sort of claim handled at the airport. (01/08/2015)
Rob Bramblett
Employee Spotlight - Rob Bramblett Over the past eight years, Rob Bramblett has crisscrossed the country on one major airport construction project after another, designing and building terminals from Houston to Little Rock, and from Philadelphia to Ft. Lauderdale. But his work on Tampa International Airport’s main terminal expansion has taken him somewhere special: Home. (12/18/2014)
David Potter
Employee Spotlight - David Potter As a child, David Potter remembers going to Tampa International Airport with his mother to pick up his father who was in the military and traveled a lot. Fast forward a couple decades later, and David is now a Programmer Analyst in Information Technology Services for the Hillsborough County Aviation Authority. (12/04/2014)
Laura Tatem
Laura Tatem - Director of Internal Audit Many employees who work at Tampa International Airport share a lifelong passion for aviation. Director of Internal Audit, Laura Tatem, actually grew up in the midst of its history. (11/20/2014)
 Jordan Biegler
Jordan Biegler Jordan Biegler was a 12-year-old boy living in the tiny town of Coloma, Michigan, when his family took a trip to Europe to visit relatives. Several flights, graduations and jobs later - including the past two years at Tampa International Airport - the Airport Operations Manager still hasn't lost his enthusiasm for the concept of air travel. (11/05/2014)
 Jason Watkins
Employee Spotlight - Jason Watkins Jason Watkins' road to becoming Tampa International Airport's Manager of Financial Operations was, to put it mildly, a wild ride. (10/15/2014)
Vince Torres-Roa
Vince Torres-Roa As a Guest Services Manager, he's responsible for managing the front lines of TPA's stellar customer service - our Guest Services Representatives - and his enthusiasm for the airport is infectious. (10/02/2014)
Shari Kopp
As a teenager growing up in north Pinellas County, Shari Kopp loved to plan things. Today, Shari is the one responsible for planning all of the fun employee events for the Hillsborough County Aviation Authority. (09/18/2014)
Brenda Perez
During one of her first days on the job 15 years ago, front-office Senior Receptionist Brenda Perez received a call from someone wanting to know how much rain Tampa International Airport received from a passing thunderstorm. “Am I supposed to know this?” Brenda thought. (09/04/2014)
Merry Jo Carper
As a Tampa International Airport 14-year Traffic Specialist veteran, Merry Jo Carper has seen and heard it all. But then, that’s just the way her life has always been. (08/20/2014)
Carlos Blackwood
Carlos Blackwood enjoys being involved in every aspect of keeping Tampa International Airport and its employees out of harm’s way. As the Aviation Authority’s Risk and Safety Manager, he looks for ways to reduce potential for injury or damages. (08/07/2014)
David James
David James It's not uncommon for Tampa International Airport to attract employees who grew up with fascination for airplanes. The Aviation Authority's Director of Information Technology Services, David James, does one better: He was born on a plane. (07/24/2014)
Kevin Durkin
Kevin Durkin Tampa International Airport Police Detective Kevin Durkin loses count when he tries to tally up all of his family members who work in law enforcement. “Helping other people – that’s something that doesn’t ever get stale,” Durkin said. “And I can say that with a straight face after 35 years of doing this.” (07/10/2014)
Doyle Wiggins
Doyle Wiggins Trades Maintenance Superintendent Doyle Wiggins has been keeping TPA cool since 1989, after he left his only other full-time job he’s ever held – as a technician for a residential HVAC company – and came to work for the Hillsborough County Aviation Authority. (06/26/2014)
Jeff Siddle
Jeff Siddle - AVP of Planning and Development As the recently promoted Assistant Vice President of Planning and Development, Jeff oversees the construction of nearly $1 billion in Master Plan projects that are now underway, including the Consolidated Rental Car Facility, the 1.3 mile Automated People Mover and the main terminal expansion. (06/05/2014)


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