Noise Abatement

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When: Thursday March 10, 2016 at 5:30 PM

Where: Tampa International Airport Boardroom




The Hillsborough County Aviation Authority, in an effort to be a good neighbor, has created a noise office to implement and monitor the noise compatibility program, as recommended in the FAA Part 150 noise study, and was approved by the FAA in January 2001. This office has been staffed and equipped with computers, allowing advanced flight tracking, noise monitoring, complaint management, and audio recordings of pilot/ATCT conversations, for implementing noise compatibility and abatement measures from the Part 150 study. These include, but are not limited to:

Procedural Measures

  • Maximizing daytime south flow
  • Adopting preferential order of runway use using air traffic control tower's (ATCT) Letter to Airmen (e.g., Arriving turbojets landing to the north expect Runway 1L)
  • Extending nighttime preference for Runway 1L arrivals and Runway 19R departures to all aircraft
  • Monitoring initial turbojet departure headings
  • Developing noise abatement flight paths for propeller aircraft for Runway 1L and 1R departures
  • Limiting base legs for Runway 1L arrivals north of Mac Dill AFB
  • Recommending turbojets use noise abatement departure procedures
  • Recommending turbojets use ATA noise abatement arrival procedures, and
  • Constructing a shared runup enclosure for turbojet maintenance runups above idle power (opened October 2003)

Land Use Measures

  • Developing zoning for compatible land use in the vicinity of the Airport.
  • Maintaining an active and effective public information program.
  • Purchasing navigation easements (based on 5-year noise exposure map)
  • Soundproofing of residences (based on 5-year noise exposure map)

Implementation Details

  • Staffing the noise abatement office
  • Maintaining airport noise and operations monitoring system
  • Periodically evaluating noise exposure maps and noise compatibility program

Contact: Adam Bouchard, Noise Officer, (813) 870-7843

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