Lost and Found

If you lost an item at the airport

If you lost an item in the airport - including all parking garages, restrooms, baggage claim and ticketing areas, restaurants, shops, shuttles, and security screening areas - contact the Lost and Found office by calling (813) 554-1414, or complete the inquiry form below. To browse a list of low-value items online and to claim an item, click here. High-value items, such as electronics, sporting equipment, wallets/purses, and jewelry will not be listed online. Please contact the Lost and Found office to inquire about high-value items.

If you left an item on a plane

If you believe you left an item on an aircraft, contact the airline. You should also contact the airline if you have misplaced checked baggage or airline tickets. If those items are found in the airport, they are returned to the airline for guests to recover.

Airline Contact number
Air Canada (813) 396-3568
Alaska Airlines (800) 225-2752
American (813) 396-8675
British Airways (813) 676-4207
Cayman Airways (345) 949-8503
Delta (800) 325-8224
Edelweiss (941) 444-1145
Frontier (813) 879-8270
JetBlue (813) 350-9342
Lufthansa (800) 645-3880
Silver Airways (813) 345-5969
Southwest (813) 371-5660
Spirit (813) 676-4424
United (800) 335-2247
West Jet (866) 666-6224

Report a Lost Item

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