Frequently Asked Questions


Below find some of the most commonly asked questions for potential team members. Since each individual company has its own hiring process, benefits, and corporate culture, applicants should consider this site a starting point for researching which employers or position best meets their needs. Web links and direct contact information for each employer is available on employer listing or contact pages.

About this site

Are all jobs at the airport listed on this website?

No, not all available employers or positions are featured or advertised. Additional listings, employer contacts, and more can be found here.

Where can I learn more about the companies before submitting my qualifications?

For featured opportunities, visit the Our Employers page to review the corporate hiring sites for any listed employer. There, you can find company information and even apply directly for the job you are after!

Is there more detailed job information available?

Full position details are available on an employer's corporate hiring site. URLs are provided for each opportunity listed.

Do I have to submit a resume to all the companies listed for a position I am interested in?

The hiring process is different for each prospective employer. You can choose which employers you wish to contact and are not required to contact all of them unless you choose that option. This site merely connects you to employers with open positions and does not require you to attach a resume in order to submit your letter of interest. It is generally recommended, however.

Where can I see a list of available positions?

Visit our View Positions page to see a list of featured positions. You can inquire about unlisted positions and employers here.

How do I apply to get a job with an airline?

Airlines advertise their job openings on their individual websites.

About airport careers

Can a job at the airport become a long-term career?

Absolutely! There are employees who have worked at the airport for over 20 years.

Do you have full-time and part-time jobs available?

Yes, many employers at the airport offer various full-time and part-time job openings.

How many companies operate at Tampa International Airport?

Hillsborough County Aviation Authority manages all administrative airport operations, but there are dozens of other companies that operate at the airport.

About the hiring process

Are background checks required?

A 10-year Federal background check is required for employees to receive a security badge. Most jobs at the airport require these badges.

Are there benefits?

Each company offers its own set of benefits and we recommend asking the hiring manager about benefits during your interview.

How long does it take to start working after I’m hired?

It can take up to two weeks due to the background check and badging process. We promise it’s worth the wait!

How do I get a badge once I’m hired?

Your employer will help you set up an appointment with our badging office, which is located on Level 1 across the arrival drive from Red Baggage Claim.

General questions

Are employees required to wear masks?

Currently, Federal law does not require anyone at TPA to wear a mask, including employees and passengers.

Are vaccinations required?

Each company has its own individual requirements and we recommend asking the hiring manager about covid precautions during your interview.

Is there free parking for employees at the Airport?

There is an employee lot on airport property and Tampa Airport provides an employee shuttle from the lot to the Main Terminal building. The employee lot costs $25 per month (or $50 per month for non-TPA based flight crews); however, some companies cover the cost for their employees. We recommend asking the hiring manager about parking costs during your interview.

How long does it take to get from the Employee parking lot to the airport?

The ride from the employee lot to the Main Terminal building is less than 10 minutes but we recommend arriving to the employee lot 30 minutes before your shift starts.