Materials Management

The Authority Materials Management team oversees approximately 4,500 inventory items that are stored in the Central Warehouse, Airside E Storeroom and MRO vending machines. The inventory items include plumbing and electrical supplies, HVAC materials, spray paints and lubricants, automotive supplies, tires, baggage system repair parts, tractor and mower equipment repair parts, and other maintenance parts. Inventory is comprised of items that are required on a frequent basis. Additionally, the team is responsible for an unleaded and diesel fuel system and the disposal of all Authority-owned surplus property.

Disposal of Surplus Equipment and Lost & Found Items

Periodically, the Aviation Authority disposes of surplus equipment and supplies as well as Lost and Found items that have not been claimed by their rightful owner.

All Lost and Found articles not claimed by their rightful owners in accordance with appropriate procedures are sold through Bay Area Auction Services. For details and to view the items available for sale, visit Bay Area Auction Services.

Surplus equipment items are sold through GovDeals. For details and to view the items available for sale, visit GovDeals.

Surplus items such as heavy machinery and vehicles are sold at Tampa Machinery Auction and Royal Auction Group. For details and to view items for sale, visit Tampa Machinery Auction or Royal Auction Group 

Computer equipment is donated to organizations within the Hillsborough County School system.

Non-Profit agencies interested in receiving notification of items for disposal through donations may request to be added to the Non-Profit Agencies list by contact Mike Perri at

Contact Information

Michael Perri
Manager, Materials Management
(813) 676-4373

Alan Clendening
Senior Property Control Specialist
(813) 870-8731

Edward Hunt
Senior Property Control Specialist
(813) 870-7824

Jamie McKnight
Senior Property Control Specialist
(813) 676-4229

Suresh Ramdeen
Property Control Specialist
(813) 305-9571

James Rekully
Property Control Specialist
(813) 305-5402

Location and Hours of Operation

Central Warehouse

6:30 am to 4:00 pm
Monday – Friday (closed major holidays)

Tampa International Airport
5008 North Westshore Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33614