Part 150 Study

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Important Notices:

May 2022: Please see the below, final NEM Update below:


October 15, 2021: Thank you very much to those who joined us for our public workshops this week. Below are the documents that were shared/discussed during each public workshop:

September 26, 2021: Please join us for one of four public outreach workshops to be held in October 2021. Please note that three of the workshops will be offered in-person, with one being offered virtually. Important details, including copies of the draft report, may be found below. 

Links to the draft reports may be found below: 


Previous Notices:

October 6, 2020: A copy of the presentation, shared during the three public workshop opportunities on October 5,6 and 8, 2020 may be found here:

A link to the virtual meeting recording from October 5, 2020, may be found here:

A link to the virtual meeting from October 6, 2020, may be found here: 

September 15, 2020: Please join us for three public outreach workshops to be held in October 2020. Please note that, due to the pandemic, two of the three public workshops will be held virtually, with one in-person offering available by appointment only to aid in adhering to CDC guidelines. Important details may be found in the advertisement for these meetings below: 

March 9, 2020: The Noise Exposure Map public workshops scheduled for March 10, 11 and 12 have been postponed. Please see the letter below for more information. 


Tampa International Airport's last Part 150 Study and Noise Exposure Map was completed and approved in 2000/2001. The Authority's Board of Directors approved this project as part of the FY20 capital program. The first round of public outreach is expected to take place in March 2020. The project is expected to be completed in 2021. Public outreach is a critical component of this project so please stay tuned to this web page and our Noise Monitoring Office for additional information.

2000/2001 Part 150 Study: 

The Hillsborough County Aviation completed a 14 CFR Part 150 study, which was approved by the FAA in 2001 for Tampa International Airport. Additional information on Part 150 studies can be found at the following link to the Federal Aviation Administration's website:

A PDF of the 2001 Part 150 study for Tampa International Airport is available by clicking here.

Note: The Part 150 is a large file and may take several minutes to download, depending on your internet connection.