About HCAA

The Hillsborough County Aviation Authority (HCAA) is an independent special district of the State of Florida, established by the 1945 Florida Legislature with exclusive jurisdiction, control, supervision and management over all publicly owned airports in Hillsborough County.

The Special Act creating the Aviation Authority specifically addresses the importance of the county’s airports to Florida’s economic health and tourism industry, specifically stating:

“The economic validity and stability of the publicly owned or operated airports in the county is a matter of statewide importance.”


“The policy of this state is to promote the development of commerce and tourism to secure to the people of this state the benefits of those activities conducted in the state.”

Under the act, the Aviation Authority has the full prerogatives of a public corporation. A key feature in the structure of the Aviation Authority is the requirement that all Aviation Authority funds be kept separate from all other governmental units and used only for aviation purposes. The Act also gives the Aviation Authority the power to promulgate and enforce all rules and regulations required for the proper operation of its facilities.

The Authority is a self-supporting organization and generates revenues from airport users to fund operating expenses and debt service requirements. Capital projects are funded through bonds, short-term financing, passenger facility charges, federal and state grants, and internally generated funds. Although empowered to levy ad valorem property taxes, the Authority has not collected any tax funds since 1973.

You can read the entire act here:

Aviation Authority's Enabling Act

2014 Amendment to Enabling Act, Chapter 2012-234, Laws of Florida

Hillsborough County Aviation Authority Code of Ethics


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