Archived Daily Deviations

The following is a review of deviations to the airports Voluntary Noise Abatement program, specific to commercial jet aircraft departing Runway 19L and jet departures (corporate and commercial jet aircraft) arriving Runway 1R. Effective April 1, 2017, this page also reflects deviations of jet arrivals on Runway 10 and jet departures on Runway 28 prior to 2020.

Note: Military and law enforcement aircraft operations are not reflected in the information below.

At the discretion of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Air Traffic Controllers, aircraft may be assigned any runway based on a number of factors, including weather, sequencing and other factors, as determined by the air traffic controller. Air traffic controllers and the FAA have sole authority over the movement of aircraft in the air and on the ground. The Hillsborough County Aviation Authority does not control aircraft in the air or on the ground.

To see a diagram of Tampa International Airport with runway designations, please see the following document: PDF iconTPA Runway Diagram - All Runways.pdf

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