Sustainability Fun Facts

Alternative Fuel Vehicles
  • Our fleet consists of 42% alternative fuel vehicles including CNG, electric and hybrid
  • Of the alternative fuel vehicles, 64% are CNG and 36% are electric/hybrid/plug-in electric
  • TPA hosts 15 electric vehicle charging stations for public use
  • TPA offers preferred parking spaces for passengers driving alternative fuel vehicles
Reclaimed Water
  • Began using reclaimed water in 2009 for landscape irrigation and cooling towers
  • 604 million gallons used to date (January 2019), the equivalent to 915 Olympic-sized swimming pools
  • 66 million gallons average per year, the equivalent of 100 Olympic-sized swimming pools
Solar Array
  • 2MW solar array ($6M per TECO) online in 2016
  • 176,000 SF (approx. 3 football fields)
  • Lease TPA airspace; approx. $15,000/yr. over 25 yr. lease
  • Produced 8,200 MW to date
Energy Reduction (as of CY 2017)
  • TPA has reduced its electricity consumption by 10% per passenger since 2011 (SMP goal was 3% on a per passenger basis by 2021). Reduction achieved due to initiatives such as chiller replacement, short and long term parking lighting retrofit, airfield and taxiway lighting to LED fixtures and cooling tower replacement
  • Main Terminal designed to be 34% more efficient than code using LED lighting, daylight harvesting, high-performance and energy efficient systems
  • Rental Car Center designed to be 25% more efficient than code using LED lighting, daylight harvesting, high-performance and energy efficient systems
  • Variable speed escalators are up to 30% more efficient; they slow down when not in use to conserve energy
  • Started program in 2009 with 19% recycling rate; Increased to 27% in 2017 (comingled paper, plastic, cardboard, glass and aluminum)
  • Master Plan Phase 1 construction and demolition waste totaled over 26,000 tons
Master Plan Phase 1

Traffic decongestion resulted in removing 3.8 million vehicles from airport roadways annually. This translates to 48,000 acres, or 2.4 million trees, over their lifetime sequestering CO2.

  • ACI Airport Carbon Accreditation program
        - TPA achieved Level 2 Reduction in 2018, demonstrating a three year rolling average greenhouse gas emissions reduction of over 14% per passenger due to reduction in energy consumption and increase in alternative fuel vehicles in our fleet
        - General Aviation airports joined at Level 1 Mapping in 2018, establishing a greenhouse gas emissions baseline
        - TPA and its three reliever GA airports represent 4 of the 39 participating North American airports and are the only FL airports in the ACA program
  • In 2018, Airports Council international World, a global aviation trade association representing the world's airport authorities, named Tampa International Airport as the only North American airport inducted into the 2018 ACI Directors General's Roll of Excellence.
  • In 2017, TPA was awarded the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council Future of the Region Award-The One Bay Charles A. McIntosh Jr. Award of Distinction
  • In 2017, The Chicago Department of Aviation awarded TPA with the Airports Going Green Award