Staffing Solutions and Services

The Hillsborough County Aviation Authority has created a Qualification Process for companies that provide any of the following Staffing Solutions and Services listed below:

  • Temporary Staffing Services
  • Temporary to Permanent Staffing Services
  • Direct Placement Services, Personnel Recruiting Services or Personnel Screening Services
  • Human Resource Assist Services

To be placed on the Qualification List companies must meet the following requirements:

  • At the time of submitting the Qualification Process Form:
    • The company must be registered with the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations to do business in the State of Florida. (;
    • The company must NOT be listed on the Florida Department of Management Services, Convicted Vendor List as defined in Section 287.133(3)(d), Florida Statutes and
    • The company AND the company’s Recruiter or Account Manager must have the required years of experience as detailed in the table below for the type of Staffing Solutions and Services the company would like to qualify for:
  Required Years of Experience
  Temporary Staffing and Temporary to Permanent Staffing Direct Placement/ Recruiting/ HR Assist
Company Requirements
Information Technology 3 5
Clerical/Administrative 5 5
Maintenance/Mechanical 5 3
Warehouse 5 N/A
Executive N/A 5
Recruit/Account Manager Requirements
Information Technology 3 3
Clerical/Administrative 2 2
Maintenance/Mechanical 2 2
Warehouse 2 N/A
Executive N/A 5
  • If the Authority determines the Company and Recruiter or Account Manager are qualified, the Company must perform the following within ten (10) days of receipt of the Authority approval qualification letter:
    • The company must register with the Authority as a Supplier
    • The company must obtain the insurance coverage and limits as required in Qualification Process, Section 4.05, Insurance Requirements; and
    • The company must select one of the following electronic payment methods:
      • Automated Clearing House (ACH)
      • ePayables
      • Purchasing Card.

Step 1:  Click the link below to complete and submit the Qualification Process Form electronically via DocuSign to the Authority for review and approval. 


Step 2-A:  Upon approval, the company will receive an approval qualification letter from the Authority and the company’s name will be added to the Qualification List for future staffing needs.  

Click here to view the approved Qualification List.


Step 2-B:  If the company is not approved, the Authority will notify the company regarding the reason the Company was not approved.  If the Company is able to resolve the reason for non-approval, the Company may re-submit the Qualification Process Form.

The Authority reserves the right to utilize additional suppliers not included on the qualification list.

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