Public Art Program

We are the facilitators and enablers of millions of experiences every year. Travelers making their way, both near and far, have entrusted us to serve as the beginning of new endeavors and the culmination of adventures had. More than an origin point or destination, we embrace our role as a part of a bigger whole - the journey.

Over fifty years as a commercial airport has allowed us to build a diverse art collection that reflects our community. Seven new commissions were added in Phase I of the Airport’s Master Plan which was completed in 2018. Phase II, which is now underway, includes commissions from ten more world-class artists: Jason Bruges, Claudia Comte, Jason Hackenwerth, Matthew Mazzotta, Jason Middlebrook, Sheryl Oring, Soo Sunny Park, Aaron Stephan, Catherine Wagner and Janaina Tschape.

It is with great pride and anticipation that we look to tomorrow. A tomorrow where creative and innovative works help create moments of respite, introspection, joy, and wonder that our team members, guests, and the community of aviation participants will experience for years to come. We value the artists, the works and the effort that gives public art to us all.


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