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Airport shops, restaurants, rental cars and other non-aviation businesses are among the most important components of our airport customers’ travel experience. We are in the midst of a complete overhaul of our concessions program, intended to improve customer service, optimize revenue opportunities for the airport and our concessionaires, capture the spirit of the Tampa Bay area, and expand opportunities for Airport Concessions Disadvantage Business Enterprises (ACDBE).

Development of the new program, which includes food, beverage and retail storefronts as well as services, began in 2012 and included dozens of community outreach events and workshops to prepare businesses for the bidding process. The Request for Proposals went out in mid-September and are due back in December. Board awards of contracts are scheduled for summer 2015.

Construction of the new concessions is scheduled to begin in 2015 and end in 2017.

Occasionally, other concessions opportunities arise outside the scope of the larger program. Business owners interested in participating in those programs should register as an airport supplier. By registering, you will receive e-mail notification of contract opportunities based on your selected business category and have access to information on all Aviation Authority solicitations.

If you have any questions regarding concessions at the Airport, please contact the appropriate individual below:

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Concessions Outreach Event Presentations

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