Mistakes That Could Cost You

A mistake can cause your bid or proposal to be rejected. Stay in the running by avoiding these common mistakes when responding to a solicitation:

  • Delivering the bid/proposal after the deadline.
  • Not completing or altering the bid/proposal response form.
  • Assuming the Authority will not check information provided.
  • Failing to provide information asked for in the "Minimum Qualifications" section of the solicitation.
  • Failing to provide information about past experience working with the Authority.
  • Assuming the Authority will know what you intended.
  • Not raising questions regarding minimum specifications.
  • Failing to include required insurance.
  • Failing to include a proper bid bond or proposal guarantee.
  • Proposing participation by an uncertified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), Airport Concession Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (ACDBE) or Woman and Minority Owned Business Enterprise (W/MBE) to meet a goal/expectancy.
  • Submitting an incomplete Letter of Intent.
  • Including exclusions or modifications.
  • Not completing or altering the price or cost proposal form.
  • Cutting and pasting without editing.
  • Providing information that is not legible, too small or blurry.
  • Failing to register with the Authority.
  • Failing to acknowledge addenda.
  • Failing to sign your bid/response.

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