Insurance for Suppliers

All suppliers who provide services for the Hillsborough County Aviation Authority (HCAA) must have the appropriate insurance coverage.

Insurance protects HCAA by transferring the risk associated with services and work to a third party.

The amount of insurance the supplier must carry is determined by the risk involved in the work being performed.

Standard insurance coverage typically include commercial general liability, worker’ comensation, business auto liability and professional liability.

Suppliers may also be required to carry  some special classes of insurance like garage keepers, builder’s risk, environmental and cyber security coverage.

HCAA requires all COI’s to state the following in the description of operations/locations/vehicles:

  • Hillsborough County Aviation Authority, members of the Authority’s governing body and the Authority’s officers, volunteers and it’s employees are all additional insured for all liability policies described above, other than workers compensation and processional liablity. (if required by the contract)
  • A waiver of subrogration applies in favor of Hillsborough County Aviation Authority, members of the Authority’s governing body, and the Authority’s officers, volunteers and employees for damages or loss to the extent covered and paid for by any insurance maintained by the company. (required on all COI’s)

The following documents have been provided to assist suppliers in providing the appropriate insurance coverages:

  • Insurance Certificate Requirements Checklist
  • Sample Certificate of Insurance

For more information regarding insurance for suppliers, please contact the Enterprise Risk Management Department at

Insurance Certificate Requirements Checklist 

PDF icon Insurance Certificate (Sample)

PDF icon 250.06(SP) - Risk Management - Contractual Insurance Terms and Conditions - TPA.pdf

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