Obtain a Copy of a Police Report

Copies of police reports from the Tampa International Airport Police Department can be obtained by making a request to the Records and Information Center.  We promptly respond to each request, however, delays can result if the report requires additional processing time for completion or if any of the requested information is missing. Reports can be sent to the requesting party by fax, mail, email or may be picked up in person.
Contact the Records and Information Center to request a report in one of three ways:

  • Request a copy of the report electronically by completing the form below.
  • Call (813) 870-8721
  • Mail a request to:
    Records and Information Center
    Tampa International Airport
    P.O. Box 22287
    Tampa, FL 33622

Hillsborough County Aviation Authority fulfills record requests in accordance with Chapter 119 of the Florida Statutes (Public Records Law). The Authority assesses a labor charge and a charge for copies in accordance with Section 119.07(4) of the Public Records Law.

Please note the form below is for requesting police reports for incidents that occurred at the Tampa International Airport only. 

Please contact the corresponding jurisdiction for all other police report requests: 

City of Tampa Police Department Records Line (813) 276-3250 or Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department Records Line (813) 247-8210

To request a report, please provide the following information:

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