Reclaiming an Impounded Vehicle

Vehicles may be impounded from parking facilities if left for more than 45 days. There is a sign posting this information at the entrance of each parking facility and printed on the back of parking tickets.

Vehicles parked on airport property anywhere other than a parking facility are considered abandoned and are impounded immediately.

Once a vehicle has been impounded, notification letters are mailed to the owner, lien holder and insurance company, advising them that the vehicle has been towed. The vehicle may be claimed at the Tampa International Airport Police Department by providing a valid driver’s license, proof of ownership, as well as towing and storage fees. If the vehicle license plate was seized a new one must be presented along with the registration.

Payments may be made with exact cash (no change is provided), Visa, MasterCard, Discover, money order and cashier's check.

If you want to claim a vehicle and you are not the registered owner, you must bring a notarized letter from the owner giving you permission to claim the vehicle.  

To have a vehicle towed from the impound lot, the tow truck driver must accompany you to the Airport Police Department and show a valid driver’s license.  

To find out the total fees due the impounded vehicle or for other information, contact the Tampa International Airport Police Department at (813) 870-8760.

Please provide the date of impound, the vehicle type and license plate number if available.

Unclaimed vehicles are subject to sale at public auction 51 days following the first notification by mail. For more information on vehicles subject to auction, call (813) 676-4392.

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