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Welcome to the official online newsroom of Tampa International Airport. The newsroom is operated by the Aviation Authority's Communications Department. All requests for public information and media interviews should be directed to this office. 

For a quick reference guide to TPA visit our Fact Sheet. Learn more about the history of TPA through this interactive timeline.

Feature Stories

(September 6, 2013) - We're taking Pride in our Potties! One of America's Best Restrooms is at Tampa International Airport, according to Cintas Corporation. The 20 newly-renovated restrooms in the airport's main terminal are finalists in Cintas' 12th...

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(August 21, 2013) - Support regional public transit. Use available roof surfaces to collect solar energy. Increase incentives to retain our airport workforce. Make the airport a more popular destination for community events.


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(August 8, 2013) - Tampa International Airport is adding a new vehicle to its fleet of staff cars – and this one comes with a plug. As of August 1, a 2013 Chevy Volt is the latest addition to the airport’s fleet, replacing the 1995 Buick Regal known...

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