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Welcome to the official online newsroom of Tampa International Airport. The newsroom is operated by the Aviation Authority's Communications Department. All requests for public information and media interviews should be directed to this office. 

For a quick reference guide to TPA visit our Fact Sheet. Learn more about the history of TPA through this interactive timeline.

Feature Stories

(March 1, 2016) Want to work for one of the companies building Tampa International Airport’s historic expansion? There may be a job for you.

On March 5, the Tampa Bay Community Advocacy Committee, in collaboration with Austin Commercial, L.P....

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(February 29, 2016) Tampa International Airport in recent years made significant strides in its commitment toward sustainability, launching a sustainable management program last year to focus on people, the planet and the prosperity of the Airport and...

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(Feb. 18, 2016) It was an exciting week in Tampa International Airport’s historic expansion and concessions redevelopment as the Airport welcomed three new developments aboard: The Concessions Receiving and Distribution Center (CRDC), Bay Coffee...

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