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Welcome to the official online newsroom of Tampa International Airport. The newsroom is operated by the Aviation Authority's Communications Department. All requests for public information and media interviews should be directed to this office. 

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Feature Stories

(December 7, 2016) The missions of today’s Civil Air Patrol are very different from its origins: Searching for German submarines during World War II. But the Hillsborough One Senior Squadron, the Civil Air Patrol based at Tampa Executive Airport,...

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(November 17, 2016) An eighth of an inch. That’s the critical measure the Mitsubishi team is working with as it constructs Tampa International Airport’s 1.4-mile people mover system. Any slight deviation in plinths beyond that amount means the work...

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(November 17, 2016) The holidays are upon us, and Tampa International Airport is ready to welcome the influx of additional travelers.  The travel period for the Thanksgiving holidays begins on Saturday, November 19 and runs through Monday, November 28...

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