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Welcome to the official online newsroom of Tampa International Airport. The newsroom is operated by the Aviation Authority's Communications Department. All requests for public information and media interviews should be directed to this office. 

For a quick reference guide to TPA visit our Fact Sheet. Learn more about the history of TPA through this interactive timeline.

Feature Stories

(May 9, 2017) The Tony Jannus Distinguished Aviation Society and Tampa International Airport announced last week American Airlines Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Doug Parker as the recipient of the 2016 Tony Jannus Award. The Society and TPA...

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(May 4, 2017) The Hillsborough County Aviation Authority Board of Directors on Thursday approved a $132.4 million budget amendment allowing initial work to begin on Phase 2 of the Master Plan later this year. ...

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(April 20, 2017) Tampa International Airport on Tuesday shared details of its proposed Master Plan Phase 2 expansion, which includes a curbside expansion and 17-acre commercial development around the rental car center. ...

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