Master Plan

Traveler Update: How will the Master Plan construction impact your next visit?


Main Terminal construction:

As of December 2: Ground Transportation Centers on the east end of Baggage Claim are closed for construction.  All taxis, hotel shuttles, Economy Parking buses and other commercial ground transportation vehicles will pick up at the west end of baggage claim. View the map.

Curbside pick-up is still available and there are no passenger delays at this time. 

  • Red Baggage Claim: Pick up all ground transportation at the exit nearest to Baggage Belt #9
  • Blue Baggage Claim: Pick up all ground transportation at the exit nearest to Baggage Belt #7
What is the Master Plan?

In late 2011, Tampa International Airport officials began the process of updating the Master Plan for the airport’s 3,300-acre campus. The final plan, approved in 2013, outlines three phases of expansion to accommodate 35 million passengers each year, more than double the current number of annual passengers. It allows a “build as demand dictates” approach to growth, with phases based on passenger volume. The first phase takes care of immediate needs to decongest the curbsides, roads and main terminal. It includes a 2.3 million-square-foot consolidated rental center near the entrance to the airport, a 1.4-mile automated people mover and an expansion of the main terminal. The $943 million project is expected to create or save nearly 9,000 construction-related jobs.

Master Plan Fast Facts:

  • 2.3-million square foot rental car center
  • 1.4-mile Automated People Mover
  • 50,000-square-foot expansion of the main terminal
  • Adds 2,414 spaces to existing Long Term Parking Garage
  • Removes 2.7 million cars from airport roads each year
  • Cost: $943 million
  • Anticipate spending more than $120 million with women-owned, minority-owned and disadvantaged businesses
  • Will create or save 9,000 construction-related jobs

Master Plan Dashboard for January

Rental Car Center and Automated People Mover

The new rental car center and automated people mover carry forward the principles of the airport’s original design by reducing walking times and ensuring customer convenience.  Arriving passengers will exit the people mover at the rental car center on the same location as customer service counters. Departing passengers will have the option of checking baggage and getting boarding passes at the rental car center people mover station. The people mover will also include a stop at the Economy Parking Garage, eliminating the need to take a bus to the main terminal. The airport expansion will also incorporate sustainability initiatives as outlined in a Sustainability Master Plan completed in 2014.

Main Terminal

The first phase of the airport master plan also includes additional restaurants and shops in the airsides, post security; an Automated People Mover station that will rise 85 feet in the air, providing a stunning view of downtown Tampa and a 50,000-square foot expansion of the main terminal. The terminal expansion calls for enclosing decks that were designed for just such a project 40 years ago, when airport planners anticipated Tampa International might one day need more space to accommodate more passengers.


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