A mistake can cause your bid or proposal to be rejected. Stay in the running for the next contract opportunity by avoiding these common mistakes when responding to a solicitation:

  1. Delivering the bid/proposal after the deadline.
  2. The bid/proposal response form is not complete or has been altered.
  3. Assuming the Authority will not check information provided.
  4. Failing to provide information asked for in the "Minimum Qualifications" section of the solicitation.
  5. Failing to provide information about past experience working with the Authority.
  6. Assuming the Authority will know what you intended.
  7. Not raising questions regarding minimum specifications.
  8. Failing to include required insurance.
  9. Failing to include a proper bid bond or proposal guarantee.
  10. Proposing participation by an uncertified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), Airport Concession Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (ACDBE) or Woman and Minority Owned Business Enterprise (W/MBE) to meet a goal/expectancy.
  11. Submitting an incomplete Letter of Intent.
  12. Including exclusions or modifications.
  13. The price or cost proposal form is not complete or has been altered.
  14. Cutting and pasting without editing.
  15. Providing information that is not legible, too small or blurry.
  16. Failing to register with the Authority.
  17. Failing to acknowledge addenda.
  18. Failing to sign.

For more information regarding these common mistakes, download the PDF version.



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