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Welcome to the official online newsroom of Tampa International Airport. The newsroom is operated by the Aviation Authority’s Communications Department. All requests for public information, media interviews, filming projects and commercial photography should be directed to this office. When breaking news occurs, this site will be updated with the latest news and information whenever possible.

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Employee Spotlight: Rob Bramblett
Over the past eight years, Rob Bramblett has crisscrossed the country on one major airport construction project after another, designing and building terminals from Houston to Little Rock, and from Philadelphia to Ft. Lauderdale. But his work on Tampa International Airport’s main terminal expansion has taken him somewhere special: Home. (12/18/2014)

Employee Spotlight: David Potter
As a child, David Potter remembers going to Tampa International Airport with his mother to pick up his father who was in the military and traveled a lot. Fast forward a couple decades later, and David is now a Programmer Analyst in Information Technology Services for the Hillsborough County Aviation Authority. (12/04/2014)

Employee Spotlight: Laura Tatem
Many employees who work at Tampa International Airport share a lifelong passion for aviation. Director of Internal Audit, Laura Tatem, actually grew up in the midst of its history. (11/20/2014)

Employee Spotlight: Jordan Biegler
Jordan Biegler was a 12-year-old boy living in the tiny town of Coloma, Michigan, when his family took a trip to Europe to visit relatives. Several flights, graduations and jobs later – including the past two years at Tampa International Airport – the Airport Operations Manager still hasn’t lost his enthusiasm for the concept of air travel. (11/05/2014)

Employee Spotlight: Jason Watkins
Jason Watkins' road to becoming Tampa International Airport's Manager of Financial Operations was, to put it mildly, a wild ride. (10/15/2014)

Employee Spotlight: Vince Torres-Roa
As a Guest Services Manager, he's responsible for managing the front lines of TPA's stellar customer service - our Guest Services Representatives - and his enthusiasm for the airport is infectious. (10/02/2014)

Employee Spotlight: Shari Kopp
As a teenager growing up in north Pinellas County, Shari Kopp loved to plan things. Today, Shari is the one responsible for planning all of the fun employee events for the Hillsborough County Aviation Authority. (09/18/2014)

Employee Spotlight: Brenda Perez
During one of her first days on the job 15 years ago, front-office Senior Receptionist Brenda Perez received a call from someone wanting to know how much rain Tampa International Airport received from a passing thunderstorm. “Am I supposed to know this?” Brenda thought. (09/04/2014)

Employee Spotlight: Merry Jo Carper
As a Tampa International Airport 14-year Traffic Specialist veteran, Merry Jo Carper has seen and heard it all. But then, that’s just the way her life has always been. (08/20/2014)

Employee Spotlight: Carlos Blackwood
Carlos Blackwood enjoys being involved in every aspect of keeping Tampa International Airport and its employees out of harm’s way. As the Aviation Authority’s Risk and Safety Manager, he looks for ways to reduce potential for injury or damages. (08/07/2014)

Employee Spotlight: David James
It's not uncommon for Tampa International Airport to attract employees who grew up with fascination for airplanes. The Aviation Authority's Director of Information Technology Services, David James, does one better: He was born on a plane. (07/24/2014)

Employee Spotlight: Kevin Durkin
Tampa International Airport Police Detective Kevin Durkin loses count when he tries to tally up all of his family members who work in law enforcement. “Helping other people – that’s something that doesn’t ever get stale,” Durkin said. “And I can say that with a straight face after 35 years of doing this.” (07/10/2014)

Employee Spotlight: Doyle Wiggins
Trades Maintenance Superintendent Doyle Wiggins has been keeping TPA cool since 1989, after he left his only other full-time job he’s ever held – as a technician for a residential HVAC company – and came to work for the Hillsborough County Aviation Authority. (06/26/2014)

Employee Spotlight: Jeff Siddle
As the recently promoted Assistant Vice President of Planning and Development, Jeff oversees the construction of nearly $1 billion in Master Plan projects that are now underway, including the Consolidated Rental Car Facility, the 1.3 mile Automated People Mover and the main terminal expansion. (06/05/2014)

Employee Spotlight: Chris Giokas
In the Airport Operations Center, Chris Giokas enjoyed helping the millions of passengers resolve their issues by thinking and acting quickly and being the liaison between the problems and the problem solvers at the airport. He worked his way up to Training Manager and is now an Airport Operations Center Manager. (05/22/2014)

Employee Spotlight: Carol Marino
From the time she was barely out of her teens, working as a registrar for a hospital and a secretary for an insurance office in Long Island, N.Y., Carol Marino knew she loved secretarial work. But it wasn’t until she came to Tampa International Airport to work as an administrative assistant for Police Chief Paul Sireci in 2003 that she realized how important her role really was. (05/08/2014)

Employee Spotlight: Scott Ericson
Like many airport employees, Scott Ericson grew up with a love of aviation. But he says it’s working with volunteers and helping airport guests that’s in his blood. Following in his mother’s footsteps, who served as a hospital volunteer coordinator for 30 years, Ericson is the Guest Services Manager who oversees the airport’s successful Volunteer Ambassador Corps. (04/24/2014)

Employee Spotlight: Scott Knight
Scott Knight was a sophomore at FSU when he had an eye-opening introduction to the law. He is now TPA’s Assistant General Counsel who helps the airport sort through all types of legal matters, a job and industry he finds endlessly fascinating and well-suited to his personality. (04/10/2014)

Employee Spotlight: Joanne Delmonico
As a teenager, Joanne Delmonico knew she loved two things: art and teaching people. Now a Manager of Training & Development at Tampa International Airport, Delmonico feels she has found the perfect balance of teaching people while doing artwork on the side. (03/27/2014)

Employee Spotlight: Norberto Bonilla
In his eight years working at Tampa International Airport, systems maintenance worker Norberto Bonilla has never complained or said anything negative at all. He is always smiling. (03/13/2014)

Employee Spotlight: Ali Gimenez
Ali Gimenez remembers the 1982 conversation she had with her cousin, who worked for Tampa International Airport's cleaning services at the time. "She told me about the airport's tour program and that they had a job opening," Ali said. "So I went to Civil Service and applied." Ali got a phone call six months later, came to work, and almost 32 years later, here she is: A Senior Guest Services Representative. (02/27/2014)

Employee Spotlight: Eric Sugrue
Eric Sugrue remembers sitting down at his very first computer in elementary school, around fourth or fifth grade. He was immediately hooked. He had always loved working with codes, machines and problem-solving, even as a small child. Now, about 35 years and several generations of technology later, Sugrue is one of Tampa International Airport’s Airport System Automation Technicians. (02/13/2014)

Employee Spotlight: Kevin Blackburn
Kevin Blackburn was just out of high school and really didn’t have any career plans. He had a job with a retail chain, working with computers on the lowest imaginable level. Now he’s the Senior Network Design Engineer for Tampa International Airport. (01/29/2014)

Employee Spotlight: Jarvis Roney
For many employees, working at the airport is all about a love of aviation or desire to travel. For Jarvis Roney, it’s about the people. As a University of South Florida graduate who studied communications with a focus on interpersonal relations, he always knew he would end up with a job that involved lots of talking and relating to people. Now a Property Control Specialist for Tampa International Airport, Roney gets to interact with a vast number and variety of people every day. (01/14/2013)

Employee Spotlight: Andrew LaGala
While most of his friends were getting their driver’s licenses, Andrew La Gala was learning how to fly a single-engine airplane. As an Airport Operations Manager for Tampa International Airport, Andrew oversees much of the airport’s safety practices. He is proud of TPA’s impressive 17-year record of having no discrepancies in the Federal Aviation Administration’s annual certification inspection. He has overseen the last 12 years of those inspections. (12/04/2013)

Employee Spotlight: Brian Kennedy
Before Brian Kennedy began his first day of work as Tampa International Airport’s new Lost and Found Manager, he already had a multi-part plan tucked into a manila folder. For a department that handles 1,100 lost items a month, meticulous organization is key, and Brian couldn’t be a more perfect person to handle it. (11/15/2013)

Employee Spotlight: Jerry Sullivan
Tampa International Airport customers love Traffic Specialist Jerry Sullivan. The evidence: Over the past year he’s received more official compliments from airport customers than any other airport employee. They call him friendly, helpful and kind. Dorothy Davenport described him as a “true southern gentleman” and a “credit to TPA” in a compliment card mailed to the airport last October. (10/28/2013)

Employee Spotlight: Gina Evans
Just a few months out of college, Gina Evans got a call from state Rep. Larry Cretul, whose election campaign she had worked on the previous year. He asked her to be his legislative aide, much to her surprise. When Cretul left office, Evans went to work for a lobbying firm in Tallahassee before joining Tampa International Airport in December as Director of Government Affairs. (10/08/2013)

Employee Spotlight: Judy Johnson
When Judy Johnson got her start in information technology 30 years ago, hardly anyone knew what the term meant. It was long before every organization had its own IT department. In fact, that’s exactly how she got started. She was an administrative assistant in a county office that needed a local area computer network. No one in the office knew how to do that, so Johnson took the job on herself. Now Johnson is winding down her 15-year career at TPA, where she’s the Director of Information Technology Services. (09/18/2013)

Employee Spotlight: Alice Price
Alice Price’s interest in aviation and aerospace began as a young child, when her father was a private pilot and a semi-finalist for NASA’s “Teacher in Space” program. Her ambitions soared along with her love of flight. In middle and high school, Alice always said she would be the first woman to walk on the moon. Now a Project Director for Tampa International Airport in the Planning and Development Department, Alice brings a wide array of smarts, skills and experience to the many projects she juggles at the evolving facility. (09/06/2013)

Employee Spotlight: Emily Nipps
Through her childhood years, Emily Nipps lived the peripatetic life of an Army brat, never living in one place too long. Her family moved around to several cities around the United States, and the longest she lived anywhere was in West Germany in the 1980s. Now she gets to come to the airport she loves every day. A couple of months ago, she became the Hillsborough County Aviation Authority’s communications manager. (08/21/2013)

Employee Spotlight: Beth Baucom
If you surveyed the friends and co-workers of Beth Baucom, they would all agree on this: She is always, no matter what, in a happy and upbeat mood. But this is not why she is asked to attend so many funerals and memorial services. Baucom is a seasoned bagpipe player, having grown up in Dunedin, a city known for its competitive bagpipe band and Scottish dance troupe. (08/08/2013)

Employee Spotlight: Brenda Geoghagan
Like most teenage girls, Brenda Geoghagan had posters of her favorite rock bands on her bedroom walls. Unlike most teenage girls, she also had posters of airplanes. “I’ve always been obsessed with aviation,” said Geoghagan. “I used to fly a Cessna.” Geoghagan, the director of guest services for Tampa International Airport, has worked for the Hillsborough County Aviation Authority longer than any other current employee. (07/24/2013)

Employee Spotlight: Dominic Macrone
While growing up in a small town outside of Philadelphia, Dominic Macrone had dreams of one day becoming a professional musician. Macrone, who has been with the Aviation Authority since December 2012 as the Director of Human Resources, now enjoys the challenge of helping an organization develop its employees. (07/10/2013)

Employee Spotlight: Ted Pawloski
Ted Pawloski has spent his entire career, first in the U.S. Army and now in the Tampa International Airport Police Department, training for every possible scenario. He says now his goal is to make sure that others understand the importance of training and being prepared for any emergency. (06/21/2013)

Employee Spotlight: Allison Jurey-Smith
They say a job at the airport is perfect for people who love to travel. For Allison Jurey-Smith it was a way to finally settle down. As a Project Manager in charge of Financial Applications at Tampa International Airport, Jurey-Smith oversees the team of professionals who maintain the Aviation Authority’s financial programs including Oracle, PropWorks, and payroll systems. (06/06/2013)

TPA Employee Spotlight Beth Zurenko
When she was a girl, Beth Zurenko had visions of stage stardom, and a realistic shot at a career as an opera singer. She gave up her shot at singing Puccini for a shot at working at Continental. She’s now spent decades in the aviation industry and has no regrets. She had been working with airlines until earlier this year when she landed at TPA. (05/23/2013)

Employee Spotlight: Mack Sneed
Mack Sneed has been an electrician his entire career, beginning with 20 years in the Air Force and when he was hired by the Aviation Authority in 2006. Now he is a “jack of all trades” on the Tampa airport’s Projects Team, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. (05/08/2013)

Employee Spotlight; Ed Haines
Director of Procurement, Ed Haines, has worked at Tampa International Airport in several different managerial capacities for over 20 years, but he started his career in the U.S. Navy during one of the most politically charged periods of the Cold War.

Employee Spotlight; Lourdes Swope
When Lourdes Swope doesn't coordinate agendas, schedule meetings and take minutes as board secretary at Tampa International Airport, she channels her lifelong passion for music by playing guitar in the presence of family and friends. (03/19/2013)

Employee Spotlight: Gary Tinschert
Tampa Fire Rescue's Driver/Engineer Gary Tinschert has been with Tampa Fire Rescue for almost 25 years, 10 of those at Tampa International Airport. But he has been a hockey fan for as long as he can remember. (03/06/2013)

Employee Spotlight: Carlos Cruz
In the fall of 2001, Carlos Cruz used almost his entire life savings to buy one 15-passenger shuttle and started his company, Blue One, as the sole driver. It was the day before the 9/11 attacks. Twelve years later, Cruz owns two large motor coaches, 19 vans, and four luxury SUVs and sedans. (02/20/2013)

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