Holiday Gift Guide at Tampa International Airport

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  • For The Well Groomed Man
    Our Kiehlís store ladies like to put together custom travel-size kits with their awesome skin care products, and this one is a popular one for the dudes. Itís the Facial Fuel face wash, sunscreen, eye de-puffer and body wash, and it comes in a neat, little travel case so he can feel clean and fresh wherever he goes. And bonus: Pick up some skincare samples for yourself while youíre buying for him. Buy it at: Kiehlís, Airside C. Price: $61.00
  • For The Cool Character
    Letís face it, the future is super bright. Buy your man some high-quality shades to shield his eyeballs from the sun and impress him with your incredibly good taste. Maui Jim eyewear is one of the hottest brands selling at Sunglass Icon, and these Spartan Reef shades lightweight, very durable and trendy. Or try a pair of aviator-style or reflector-shade Maui Jims. Try them all! All Maui Jims come with a 12-month warranty, too. Buy it at: Sunglass International, Main Terminal; Sunglass Icon, Airside A and Airside C. Price: $149.00-$349.00
  • For The Little Doll In Your Life
    When NASA and Mattel collaborate, you get Mars Explorer Barbie, a darling blonde in a pink-trimmed spacesuit and helmet. This Barbie is a hot item this year, released a few months ago to coincide with the one-year anniversary of NASAís Curiosity rover landing on Mars. Sheíll fit right in with Computer Science Barbie and Architect Barbie back at the Barbie Mansion, or keep her in the box as a collectorís item. Buy it at: Mindworks, Main Terminal. Price: $21.99
  • For The Hippie At Heart
    Our Ron Jon Surf Shop is a place of peace and harmony, with various pillows and shirts with sayings about relaxation and love. It also carries these hip, beach-y bracelets that will make your loved one think of the sandy shoreline and summer breeze every time she wears them. They come in colors of the earth and sea, and are reasonably priced so she can layer them, adding to the bohemian look. Buy it at: Ron Jon Surf Shop, Main Terminal. Price: $4.99-$9.99
  • For The Kid (Or Adult) Who Has Everything But This Cool Model Firetruck
    We realize $200 is a little steep for a toy truck. But this isnít just a toy truck. Itís an incredibly realistic and detailed Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) with tiny roll-up access doors, hydraulic equipment, authentic-looking cab interior, little ladders and other accessories. The one-of-a-kind item bears the Tampa International Airport logo, as itís exactly like the ARFF vehicles we use for runway emergencies. A great addition to any toy box or executive desk shelf. Buy it at: Mindworks, Main Terminal. Price: $199.99.
  • For The Biker Dude
    You may not be able to afford the $17,000 bike out front (or get it on the plane), but you can help your man represent his love of the brand by getting him one of these awesome Harley-Davidson t-shirts. They range from the classic and simple logo tee to the more elaborate pirate-themed Tampa Harley-Davidson shirt and they come in every fit. Buy it at: Harley-Davidson Store, Main Terminal. Price: $34.99.
  • For The Power Hungry
    Anyone who travels with various smartphones, tablets and other e-devices knows what a pain it is to keep track of multiple cords and chargers. The myCharge Hub 6000 packs several hours of battery life for up to three devices, including the higher amperage iPad, which makes it perfect for weekend trips or all-day conferences. Smaller than a flask, it can fit in pockets and small purses. Buy it at: Tech Interaction, Main Terminal and Airside C. Price: $119.99.
  • For The Fashionista
    Whether for warmth or just a touch of color and coziness, these scarves are the perfect accessory for rain, snow or shine. These cotton and silk beauties come in bright, vibrant colors and eye-catching styles and they go well with t-shirts, blouses or jackets. Ask one of the Radio Road store clerks to show you the various ways to tie or wrap them and delight your favorite diva with an assortment of three or four of them to go with different outfits. Buy it at: Radio Road, Main Terminal. Price: $18.00-$36.00.
  • For The Beer Connoisseur
    Cigar City Brewingís popular Jai Alai India Pale Ale has been recognized nationally as one of the best, though itís particularly hard to find outside of the Tampa Bay area. Brewed in Tampa only a few miles from the airport, the beer has more of a fruity taste and aroma to offset the bitter hops. Stop by Cigar City Brewing and pick up a six-pack, already wrapped in brown paper and plane-ready, and surprise that special someone with the gift of suds. Buy it at: Cigar City Brewing, Airside C. Price: $14.99 for Jai Alai six-pack; $12.99 for Maduro Brown Ale, Florida Cracker White Ale and Hotter Than Helles Lager.
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