TPA Employee Spotlight: Dominic Macrone

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While growing up in a small town outside of Philadelphia, Dominic Macrone had dreams of one day becoming a professional musician.

But his experience as an employee of the US Postal Service and being a union member eventually got him interested in human resources and labor relations as a career. Macrone, who has been with the Aviation Authority since December 2012 as the Director of Human Resources, now enjoys the challenge of helping an organization develop its employees.

“I love performing and will always enjoy playing, but as a career it’s something you do when you’re young – when you are not so worried about things like having an income,” says Macrone.

Macrone came to Florida six years ago while employed with Waste Management and worked most recently with Masonite, a global manufacturing company.

He came to work at Tampa International Airport as an experienced traveler, both for business and leisure.

“My wife Katherine and I love to travel,” says Macrone. “I’ve made it to 49 of the 50 states, all but two of the provinces in Canada and most of the countries in Western Europe. There is just so much to see.”

He also traveled frequently for work while employed with Waste Management and Masonite, and says when he came to work at the Aviation Authority, he was proud to call Tampa his home airport.

“I knew that it was a well-regarded place in the community; a well-run airport with dedicated employees who took a lot of pride in their work and I wanted to be a part of that. I just enjoy being here – there is still the excitement of being at the airport every day,” Macrone said.

“It’s amazing to think that, considering the size of the place, such a small work force -- only 586 people in the Aviation Authority -- make all of this happen every day.”

He says that his goals now are to focus on training and development to make an outstanding workforce even better. He’s also a big supporter of wellness, fitness and preventative care and says that the recent high turnout at the employee wellness fair was a good indication of support for the program.

Macrone also believes employees should balance work with a fun and enriching personal life, as it’s a balance he tries to achieve himself.

When away from the office, music is still a large part of Macrone’s life, and a hobby he shares with his three sons. Two sons, Evan in fourth grade and Gavin in first grade are already starting to enjoy music in their lives. His oldest son Michael is minoring in music at St. Joe’s College.

“We have a dedicated rehearsal room and recording studio at the house. It’s got everything that you can imagine from drums to keyboards, amps and mics, and all of the equipment to record. And now it’s fun that my kids are getting into it with lessons,” says Macrone. “When I retire, I would like to do more of the composition sides of things, maybe learn some traditional instruments. I want to learn to play the banjo.”

He also enjoys working on classic convertibles and muscle cars ever since he bought his first car, a 1968 Cutlass convertible.

“I love working on cars, and talking with others who own and work on classic cars,” says Macrone.

But for now, Macrone says that he is looking forward to being a part of the Aviation Authority and the upcoming redevelopment of Tampa International Airport.

“What is coming on the horizon is really exciting,” says Macrone.” We will all be able to look back and say, ‘I was a part of that – I helped build that.’ That is really going to be something for everyone to look back on, because everyone here is a part of it.”


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