Employee Spotlight: Alice Price

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Alice Price’s interest in aviation and aerospace began as a young child, when her father was a private pilot and a semi-finalist for NASA's "Teacher in Space" program. Her ambitions soared along with her love of flight. In middle and high school, Alice always said she would be the first woman to walk on the moon.

But as she grew older, her natural sense of curiosity and diverse interests led her to a more grounded path. At 5-foot-10 - "I look taller because of my hair and high heels," she said - Alice played NCAA Division I basketball at Middle Tennessee State University and the time spent practicing and playing kept her from amassing enough hours in her pilot's logbook. Meanwhile, she became fascinated with the business side of flight as she majored in aerospace administration and went on to get her graduate degree in aviation administration. In college, she was president of her Future Airport Executives student organization.

Now a Project Director for Tampa International Airport in the Planning and Development Department, Alice brings a wide array of smarts, skills and experience to the many projects she juggles at the evolving facility. Whether it's a roof replacement project or working on the Westshore Multimodal Connector Study, Alice has a hand in shaping the future of TPA's development in almost every aspect of planning, design and construction.

"I've come to view the airport as sort of a mini-city," Alice said. "It's nice to have that broad base of knowledge in the business side, fiscal side, transportation and community planning."

One of Alice's biggest current projects is heading up TPA's Sustainability Master Plan, which will be worked into Master Plan projects to ensure the airport is economically, socially and environmentally responsible in its growth. The one-year project is mostly funded by the Federal Aviation Authority as part of a pilot program that will help shape sustainable guidelines for U.S. airports. Alice and her team are now gathering input on what sustainability issues matter to the public and the airport staff and tenants.  A final draft of the plan will be complete by early next year.

Sustainability, mass transit and public engagement are all familiar terms to Alice. She spent the past 12 years with Atkins North America, consulting for clients such as the Florida Department of Transportation, the Hillsborough County Metropolitan Planning Organization and the City of Tampa on similar topics. She has been involved in the Westshore Multimodal Center Studies “since day one,” she said, and was happy to come to TPA and still be a part of that.

Her work in environmental impact studies has inspired her and her husband, Chip, to look into sustainable construction materials, better insulation and solar energy for their next home. They have two daughters, 7-year-old Olivia and 4-year-old Georgia, and Alice spends time volunteer coaching Olivia’s basketball team at the YMCA and shuttling Georgia to ballet class.

"Both are proud to tell their friends that their mommy works at the airport!" Alice said.

As for her dreams of walking on the moon, she has set those aside for now. But at a young 38, she's got time. She hopes to eventually log 40 hours in her pilot's logbook (she reached 10 in college) one day - her husband reached 40 and did his solo flight already - and reach her dream of flying her own plane one day, just like her father.


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