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Getting Connected To The TPA Free WI-FI System
provided by Tampa International Airport

  • Turn your laptop or WI-FI enableddevice on and set your WI-FI card to its basic default settings
  • Check to ensure the data encryption setting is disabled
  • The network authentication shouldbe set to open
  • Verify your laptop is configured toautomatically obtain an IP address and DNS. Check this through your TCP/IP settings
  • Set the network name (or SSID) to TPA or select it from the list of available wireless networks
  • Open your internet browser and youshould see the TPA splash page with the terms and conditions. Please read and accept to continue. Now you’re ready to access the internet and your personal or business internet based email services
  • TPA is not responsible for any hardware or software issues that may arise with the subscriber’s computing devices based on the given troubleshooting tips. Each subscriber’s device contains various types of hardware and software that may need further configuration changes. Please contact your hardware or software vendor for further assistance if you are still experiencing connection problems
  • TPA performs limited filtering to prevent the display of any content that is deemed inappropriate. Services will be disrupted when abuse or malicious intent has been identified. Subscriber assume all risk and responsibility for using this system
  • TPA’s FREE PUBLIC WI-FI service is not intended to create a secure environment during public use. Because this is an open public network, we recommend subscribers use personal antivirus, firewall and VPN (Virtual Private Network) software on their devices if security is a concern

FAQ's On Connecting To The TPA WI-FI system

  1. I have a flashing green indicator light on my wireless card, but i still cannot connect?
    • Try re-seating your wireless card or reboot your device
    • Some network cards may requirethat you manually add the SSID (Service Set Identifier) code. Follow the directions included with your particular wireless device and enter TPA as the SSID code
    • Check to ensure your computer isusing a valid IP address (some device configurations may be statically set to home or business use). If it is, you must change it to dynamically obtain an IP address and then refresh or reboot your device

  2. My system is Windows Vista / Windows 7 and I cannot connect. What else can I try?
    • Start the Control Panel and selectNetwork and Sharing Center and Set up a connection or network
    • Select Manually Connect to a WirelessNetwork and Next
    • Network Name is TPA. Security Typeis No Authentication (Open)
    • Select Start this connectionAutomatically and click next. ThenSelect Connect to then select TPA and click the Connect button

  3. My system is Windows 2000/XP and I cannot connect. What else can I try?
    • Click the Start button and select Run. Type the word "command" in the field and click OK.
    • At the DOS prompt type ipconfig /all and press Enter.
    • At the DOS prompt type ipconfig /release and press Enter.
    • At the DOS prompt type ipconfig /renew and press Enter.

  4. My system is an Apple and has an Airport WI-FI card, but I cannot connect. What else can I try?
    • Select the Airport card and then the Airport program from the apple menu.
    • Click on the "Settings" triangle located at the bottom left hand side of the window. This will expand the window and allow you to view detailed Airport card options.
    • Look at the choose network option in the bottom half of the window. If TPA appears in this window, skip the next step. Otherwise, select the "allow selection of closed networks".
    • You will now see "other" in the choose network menu. Click on "other" and enter TPA with no password. Click ok.
    • The TPA splash screen should automatically come up when you open your browser.

  5. Should I disable my network (LAN) card when using my wireless card? (Yes, it is recommended to disable your network card when using your wireless card to avoid driver conflicts).
    • Click start, settings, network connections, right click your Local Area Network (LAN) card and then disable it.

  6. When working at my place of business, I connect to my corporate network using a Proxy Server. Can I leave these settings enabled to connect to TPA's WI-FI system? (No, the proxy server settings must be disabled to access the TPA WI-FI system). Please document any existing settings before changing them.
    • In Control Panel, double-click Internet Options.
    • Click on the Connections tab then the LAN settings button.
    • Remove the checkmark from the box labeled "Use a proxy server" and click OK.

  7. Why is my system trying to connect using a dial-up connection? (It should be disabled in order to use the TPA WI-FI System).
    • Go to Start, Settings, Control Panel and double-click Internet Options.
    • Click on the tab marked Connections.
    • Under Dial-Up Settings, record which options are selected in case you need to re-enable the dial-up connection.
    • Click on the radio button next to "Never dial a connection".

Comments/Suggestions are welcome and can be sent via email to our Wireless Administrator

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