Building your future airport, today

In late 2011, Tampa International Airport officials began the process of updating the Master Plan for the airport’s 3,300-acre campus. The final plan, approved in 2013, outlines three phases of expansion to accommodate 35 million passengers each year, more than double the current number of annual passengers. It allows a “build as demand dictates” approach to growth, with phases based on passenger volume. The first phase takes care of immediate needs to decongest the curbsides, roads and Main Terminal. It includes a 2.6 million-square-foot consolidated rental center near the entrance to the airport, a 1.4-mile automated people mover and an expansion of the Main Terminal. The project is expected to create or save nearly 9,000 construction-related jobs.

Take the virtual tour of the new rental car facility and automated people mover system on the Airport's YouTube channel.

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